Urge Country Club in Palm Desert, CA, to Forgo Gunning Down Birds!

The Desert Falls Country Club, a golf club in Palm Desert, California, has evidently sent out a letter informing residents that hired contractors will soon begin gunning down American coots, a type of waterbird, who wander onto its property. Coots are social birds who form flocks and enjoy family-like bonds. During breeding season, a female coot will choose one mate, who helps raise their young. PETA asked the country club’s director of golf operations to reconsider this violent and misguided initiative and offered suggestions for humane coot deterrents, but we were told that management wants to eliminate these birds from the golf course entirely.

Not only is killing wild animals cruel and unethical, it also fails to control populations—in fact, lethal methods cause survivors and inevitable newcomers to breed at an accelerated rate, which just happens to ensure repeat business for “pest”-control operators who make a living from bloodshed. The coots need you to speak up for them now!

Please take a moment to urge management at Desert Falls Country Club to forgo killing and employ tried-and-true humane tactics instead. Please keep all comments polite, as discourteousness works against our efforts.

Send comments or call:

Charles Choi, General Manager/Director of Golf Operations
[email protected]

C. Rodriguez, Golf Course Superintendent
[email protected]

Please also comment on the club’s Facebook page here:

Desert Falls Country Club

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