VEG brown chicken close up NC CMP ftc Urge Chick-fil-A to Veganize Its Cauliflower Sandwich!

Urge Chick-fil-A to Veganize Its Cauliflower Sandwich!

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Hip hip hooray for Chick-fil-A for introducing a meatless option! For years, PETA has asked the chain to offer a vegan sandwich so that folks could enjoy a meal without all the cruelty and cholesterol associated with animal-derived ingredients. But because eggs and dairy milk are included in the recipe, this new cauliflower sandwich comes up short. So please join us in urging the chain to make the sandwich vegan.

There’s cruelty behind every stolen egg. Chickens exploited for their eggs are packed so closely together that they’re forced to defecate on each other. Part of each bird’s delicate beak is cut off so that they won’t peck each other out of confinement-related frustration. And when their egg production drops, they’re shipped off to slaughter to be turned into chicken soup or cat or dog food because their flesh is too bruised and battered for much else.

VEG tagged calf looking at Urge Chick-fil-A to Veganize Its Cauliflower Sandwich!

There’s cruelty behind every stolen drop of dairy milk. Cows produce milk for the same reason humans do: to nourish their young. But calves on dairy farms are taken away from their mothers when they’re only a day old. Female calves face the same fate as their mothers. Just after their first birthday, they’re artificially inseminated by workers. And after giving birth, they lactate for 10 months and are then inseminated again—continuing the cycle of abuse.

Chickens and cows love their families and value their own lives. So let’s encourage Chick-fil-A to leave eggs and milk out of its recipe.

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