Posted on the 18th January 2023

We are so excited to have launched our new campaign to help students choose universities that do not conduct animal experiments, and reveal the scale of animal research in cities across the UK.

A huge research project, we have submitted numerous Freedom of Information Act requests, to compile data about British universities and uncover animal research being conducted on university campuses. The information will not only be helpful for science students but also for compassionate students from any field. With students spending ever larger amounts of money on their education, it’s important for many that their tuition fees do not go to universities that conduct old-fashioned and cruel animal research.⁠

The UCAS deadline for students to apply to university is Wednesday the 25th of January. If you know someone trying to decide where to study, be sure to share with them the Universities Challenged website. Here they will find a comprehensive list of universities and information on whether they conduct animal research or not. We look forward to building this website into a formidable resource which prospective students, our supporters, and the wider public can use to persuade universities to swap animal experiments for safer, more relevant and kinder methods.

Over half of all animal experiments conducted in Britain take place at universities. If you are interested in campaigning against animal research happening at your university – or perhaps you live near to a university that harms animals, and want this to end – get in touch with us via Universities Challenged to see how we can support you!⁠

Campaign Microsite: 

Press Enquiries: [email protected]


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