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Times Square Billboard Exposes Denny’s Cruelty Toward Mother Pigs

In the heart of Times Square shines a new message above the crowds of people: “Denny’s, animal abuse is bad for business.” The billboard is the newest effort by Animal Equality, who launched a campaign earlier this year against the American diner-style restaurant Denny’s for abandoning its commitment to protect mother pigs in its supply chain.

This billboard features a video of two pigs confined within a small metal cage, scratching at and peering through the bars. The image represents the life of mother pigs on factory farms, including in Denny’s supply chain, who live a life confined to tiny cages. These animals are unable to turn around or walk more than a step forward or backward.

In 2012, Denny’s made a public commitment to end this practice, stating its role as a “responsible corporate citizen” to do so. The company reported minimal progress toward this goal over the past decade before fully abandoning it just this year. Animal Equality is demanding Denny’s reinstate this commitment and follow through as promised to its customers, stakeholders, and shareholders.

Through this visual representation, a powerful message is conveyed: Denny’s can no longer ignore its responsibility to protect animals in its supply chain. The billboard serves as a reminder that its customers are watching and demanding change.

Animal Equality Holds Nationwide Protests Against Denny’s

In some of the strongest campaign efforts so far, Animal Equality and fellow advocates took to the streets with nationwide protests. From Austin and Las Vegas to Raleigh and Chicago, dozens of supporters showed up with signs and banners to demand better for pigs in Denny’s supply chain. The series of protests came to a head on July 30th, as over 30 protesters turned out to a demonstration in Los Angeles.

Throughout the protests, passersby and Denny’s customers stopped in curiosity. Many voiced their opposition to the cruelty, while some swore off eating at the restaurant completely. One bystander joined in the Los Angeles efforts after hearing about the campaign.

Denny's Protest in LA
Protestors demonstrate outside of Denny’s in Los Angeles

Unwavering Efforts Against Dennys

As Denny’s continues to dismiss the cries for help, their silence and inaction only serve to fuel the determination of those who stand against animal cruelty.

Animal Equality strategically placed an advertisement in a prominent local newspaper. This advertisement directly appealed to the franchise owner of Denny’s, Dawn Lafreeda, urging her to utilize her influential position to align with moral principles and “do the right thing.”

Thousands of supporters have flooded Denny’s executives with emails expressing disappointment and urging accountability. On social media, impassioned individuals are using their voices to press Denny’s to eliminate gestation crates, while the campaign video has reached 175,000 views on YouTube.

Despite these endeavors, Denny’s has remained silent. Rather than addressing the concerns raised by the growing number of supporters, the company has taken an unexpected route by announcing its intention to distribute a bacon-focused menu called “Baconalia” for its Rewards Members and guests. 

You Can Join the Efforts & Protect Mother Pigs!

Here are five actions you can take to hold Denny’s accountable for their broken promise:

  1. Email Denny’s Executives: Visit Animal Equality’s campaign page to quickly send an email to Denny’s top leadership, expressing your concerns about their support of animal abuse.
  2. Comment on Social Media: Utilize the influence of social media to bring attention to this injustice by leaving comments on Denny’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.
  3. Call Your Local Denny’s: Reach out to your nearest Denny’s location to voice your disappointment and ask them to share your concerns with the owner.
  4. Leave a Negative Review: Consider leaving a 1-star rating and a negative comment on platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Facebook, highlighting Denny’s endorsement of animal cruelty.
  5. Join Our Love Veg Movement: Create a positive impact by reducing or eliminating meat, dairy, and eggs from your diet, playing a part in breaking this cycle of suffering.
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Pigs are highly social animals who are often considered smarter than dogs. You can protect these intelligent animals by simply choosing plant-based alternatives.

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