Suni on the beach scaled Suni Hopes You ‘Chews’ Him to Be Your Valentine

Suni Hopes You ‘Chews’ Him to Be Your Valentine

Are you on the prowl for a hunky guy? Is tall, dark, and handsome your thing? PETA might just have the pawfect dude for you! Get to know adoptable Kitsuni, and swipe right (actually, e-mail [email protected]) if you think he’s the brindle beau you’ve been searching for.

Nickname: Suni

Sign: Cancer, probably, since “comfort” or “connection” could be his middle name

Breed: Magnificent mastiff mutt

Is there a mastiff-size hole in your heart? Fill it with Suni, super snuggler and champion cuddler!

Height: Tall enough to stand out but laid-back enough to fit on your couch

Profession: BFF; mostly WFH but doesn’t mind some travel (and gets paid in treats)

Suni walking at the beach

Adoptable Suni is hoping you’ll chews him to be your Valentine!

Likes: Long walks on the beach, big sticks, naps, dog friends, riding shotgun, loyalty, and force-free training

Dislikes: Drama, crates, choke collars, prong collars, shock collars, dominance theory, not being allowed on the couch, and the Iditarod

Rescued dog Suni at the beach

Roses are red. Violets are blue. This handsome mutt needs a loving guardian, and PETA hopes it’s you!

Looking for: A committed relationship—not here for anything casual

Suni is roughly 4 years old and has been neutered. After being found as a stray in Norfolk, Virginia, and then adopted by a wonderful guardian, he spent years being loved and doted on. When tragedy struck and his guardian became too ill to continue to care for him, Suni’s human family turned to PETA for help. His current boo thang (aka foster guardian) reports that this cuddly canine gets along well with other large dogs.

Suni main squeeze scaled Suni Hopes You ‘Chews’ Him to Be Your Valentine

Suni (right) would actually prefer to be the main squeeze.

But he’d also be happy to soak up all the attention in a one-dog household.

PETA came to sweet Suni’s rescue. Will you adopt him and fill his heart with love?

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