goldfish blue background Speak Out Against Animal Giveaways in Parkersburg, West Virginia!

Speak Out Against Animal Giveaways in Parkersburg, West Virginia!

Experts agree that fish are highly complex animals who have the capacity to feel pain, fear, and stress, just as mammals do. They deserve better than to be doled out as trinkets.

However, a carnival organized by Gambill Amusements and being held at Grand Central Plaza in Parkersburg, West Virginia, is reportedly giving goldfish away as prizes to its game booth attendees. When kept in captivity, these animals require a sizeable amount of water, climate control, water filtration, regular aquarium maintenance, and ample enrichment. Most spontaneous recipients of these living, feeling “prizes” are hardly prepared for such a commitment, and the animals suffer as a result.

PETA contacted the carnival organizers and asked that they exclude this booth from their events but to no apparent avail. These animals need your help now!

Please urge Gambill Amusements to forgo animal giveaways at its events. Then share this alert with everyone you know!

 Please call and send polite comments to:

Shane and Nicole Turner
Gambill Amusements
[email protected]

 Please also comment on Gambill Amusements’ Facebook page.

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