ENT San investigation watermark feature image Santorini Values Profits Over Animals’ Lives

Santorini Values Profits Over Animals’ Lives

In 2018, the first eyewitness video released by PETA entities showed donkeys and mules forced to carry heavy tourists up and down 500 steps several times a day. According to veterinary recommendations, donkeys shouldn’t carry more than 20% of their own bodyweight, approximately 110 pounds. But profit-driven owners ignored the advice and allowed much heavier people to ride, which placed a great strain on the animals’ backs and joints.

Even after completing their exhausting climb to the top, there was no respite, as they were tied to a wall in the scorching sun with no access to water or shade.

The footage also revealed that many of the animals had wounds from their ill-fitting saddles and head gear. Fresh wounds could be seen teeming with flies.

Even at night, the donkeys and mules got no rest as they were forced to haul trash in the town.

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