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Roblox Players: Visit PETA Kids’ HQ in Seaboard City

PETA Kids is on Roblox, one of the biggest free online game platforms in the metaverse. Come visit us in Seaboard City—you can save animals with us while learning fun facts about them!

Here’s how to get to our headquarters (HQ) on Roblox:

ou can play with us for free. Enter the game City. From there, visit PETA Kids HQ in Lake Park and get a tour of our treehouse rescue center. As you play in Seaboard City, youll see animals—like pigeons, dogs, and even elephants—who need you to help rescue them. You can interact with them to learn interesting facts about each species and ways you can help them. Did you know that rats giggle when theyre tickled or that pigeons can fly up to 50 mph? The animals will share lots of fun info like that with you! Bring them back to our HQ to ensure their safety. 

Visit PETA Kids’ HQ in Seaboard City

Animals are individuals with thoughts, interests, and feelings. Its up to us to learn how we can treat them with kindness and respect. Why not have fun while we do that? 😄

Roblox character in Seaboard City running on asphalt trying to rescue the bunny

This is a limited-time 6-week collaboration with our partners at Dubit—check it out from April 14 to May 26. Share it with your friends and family so they can play, too! And join our Roblox group to keep learning about how you can be kind to animals. 

Not on Roblox? There are tons of other games you can play for free to help animals:  

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