vegan sex toys feature image Please Your Partner With These Vegan Sex Toys

Please Your Partner With These Vegan Sex Toys

Leather—i.e., decaying flesh—is a turn-off. So we came up with a list of vegan sex toys and animal-free accessories to keep foreplay fun for everyone.


Most sex toys are already vegan, thankfully. Just be sure to opt for faux-fur or faux-feather ticklers and choose vegan leather floggers and paddles.

Vegan Toys

Have some fun with these vegan vibrators and dildos in the shape of some of your favorite fruits and veggies from this company in the U.K. Will you go for the Corn on the Cob Vibrator or the Eggplant Orgasm Combo? Remember, fruits and veggies are good for you!

Sportsheets Saffron Collection

While you should never hit horses with crops, there’s nothing wrong with using crops in the bedroom with a consenting human partner. This vegan leather line has all the BDSM basics, from crops and floggers to cuffs and gags.


Slip into something sexy with these vegan options that forgo animal-derived materials like silk, which is made by boiling silkworms alive, and leather, the skin ripped from animals. There’s nothing attractive about wearing someone else’s skin.

Bijoux Indiscrets

Not everyone wants to be tied up, but for those who do, there are plenty of vegan options that leave sensitive cows out of the picture. The bondage gear in this brand’s Maze collection is “100% Wild, 0% Animal” and is sure to command attention. The brand also offers toys, massage oils, and other pleasurable products.

Baby Turns Blue

Domination meets innovation with this bondage gear, made using apple peels and handcrafted in France.

If you’re looking for something sexy to wear but not into bondage, Rihanna’s got you covered (or not so covered) with an extensive line of vegan lingerie. There’s sure to be something for everyone.


These companies offer compassionate choices, from toy cleaners to edible body butter and more, for all your bedroom needs.


Protection is important, and luckily Glyde has a variety of options, including flavored ones, for people who want to avoid animal-derived products. Conveniently, you can find Glyde condoms online and have them shipped right to your door.*

Earthly Body

What’s more sensual than massage oil and candles? Edible vegan massage oil and candles, of course! This cruelty-free company offers a variety of lickable lotions, oils, and candles in multiple flavors.

The Honey Pot Company

For natural options for achieving sexual wellness, look no further than The Honey Pot. It offers multiple products that are organic, plant-derived, and backed by science.


This vegan chocolate company doesn’t just sell chocolate bars. It sells an edible body butter that’s sure to satisfy.

Whipped Cream

Simple and sensual, whipped cream can offer a fun way to play with your partner. Vegan options are plentiful, but we recommend the cans from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.


The only cries we want to hear are those of pleasure, so please leave cruelty to animals out of the bedroom. Only buy vegan sex toys and other cruelty-free intimacy enhancers for your bedroom toy box. So go have some fun, and remember—vegans last longer.

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*Remember that being sexually active comes with real responsibilities and that you should take all measures necessary to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. If you don’t have cruelty-free condoms, sex with any condom is safer than sex with no condom.

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