Petco Expands Vital Care Wellness Plan to Include Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Small Pets

Petco Expands Vital Care Wellness Plan to Include Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Small Pets

Petco has expanded its health and wellness program to include birds, reptiles, and small pets. The program is now available to all pet owners for $9.99 per month. Benefits include discounts on supplies, services, and more for all types of pets. Petco is the first national company to offer this type of program at scale.

Press release: Petco

Petco Health and Wellness Company recently announced the expansion of Vital Care, its paid health and wellness membership program, to now include birds, reptiles, fish, and small pets. Previously only available for dogs and cats, Vital Care unlocks the best of Petco through exclusive savings and rewards on nutrition, supplies, services, veterinary care, and more with benefits tailored to each species’ individual needs.

“Extending the quality care and benefits our Vital Care program offers to cover all types of family pets is yet another move that’s good for pets and good for our business,” said Jenny Wolski, Petco’s senior vice president, omnichannel customer experience. “Vital Care has grown significantly – in both popularity and benefits – since we launched it two years ago. Pet parents continue to seek ways to better care for the health of their pets and their budgets, and Vital Care helps them do both.”

In the U.S., there are more than 13 million fish, 9 million birds, 6 million small animals, and 5 million reptile households* that have embraced these pets, and Petco is the first national pet specialty retailer to offer this type of comprehensive wellness plan at scale.

“Expanding Vital Care to birds, reptiles, fish and small animals makes it more affordable for their pet parents to bring home the right products that support the overall health and wellness of their beloved companion animals, which – based on the results in our pilot locations – we expect will bring in more customers more often, and enhance sales for our companion animal business,” said Jonathan Williamson, Petco vice president, animal care education & merchandising.

Pet parents can enroll their bird, reptile, fish, or small animal into Vital Care for $9.99 per month per pet type. Existing Vital Care members with dogs and cats can also add a bird, reptile, fish, or small animal to their plan for an additional $7.99 per month per pet type. Benefits of a Vital Care membership with an annual commitment include:

  • Pals Rewards every month ($5 for small pet plans; $15 for dog or cat plans)
  • Discount on nutrition (10 percent off dog or cat nutrition; 20 percent off small pet nutrition, including dry, live, fresh or frozen)
  • Unlimited routine vet exams at Vetco Total Care locations for dogs and cats
  • 20 percent off the small pet, bird, reptile, and fish supplies
  • 20 percent off grooming for dogs or 20 percent off litter for cats
  • 20 percent off purchases of additional fish, small pets, birds, and reptiles
  • $2 membership discount per pet type, per month

“Companion animals deserve the same love and care as dogs and cats, so I couldn’t be more thrilled that Petco will help make a profound, positive impact on these pets and the parents who love them by extending Vital Care offerings to all types of family pets,” said Dr. La’Toya Latney, a board-certified zoo and exotic animal veterinarian and a member of Petco’s Pet Wellness Council. “My passion is providing innovative solutions to beloved companion animals that typically have less representation in the market. This expanded membership plan is a great solution for pet parents looking for ways to save money and meet their pets’ health and wellness needs as they would their own.”

For both a healthier pet and a healthier budget, Vital Care pays for itself and offers an array of benefits to support the whole health of all species of pets. Leveraging its “Petconomics” campaign to highlight Vital Care’s “Great Dane-sized” benefits at a “Chihuahua-sized” price, Petco continues to educate pet parents on convenient, affordable ways to invest in long-term routine care for their pets to help keep them happy and healthy.


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