PETA Facebook Logo PETA to Lure Locals Away From Fishy Restaurants With Free Vegan Caviar

PETA to Lure Locals Away From Fishy Restaurants With Free Vegan Caviar

For Immediate Release:
August 10, 2023

Nicole Perreira 202-483-7382

Jacksonville, Fla. – On Saturday, PETA will reel in would-be restaurantgoers with a free giveaway of Cavi-art’s vegan caviar near the group’s new sky-high appeal—and close to several fish-selling eateries, including Captain D’s and Mr. Snappers Fish and Chicken—to remind everyone to choose vegan, fish-free options that prevent fish from being impaled, crushed, suffocated, cut open, and gutted, all for a fleeting taste of their flesh.

When:    Saturday, August 12, 12 noon–1:30 p.m.

Where:    At the intersection of Edgewood Avenue N. and Commonwealth Avenue, Jacksonville

“Fish are intelligent, complex individuals who feel pain and fear just as humans do,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA’s giveaway will get people hooked on delicious vegan fare that leaves marine life in peace.”

Each person who goes vegan spares nearly 200 animals—including female sturgeons, who are often cut open while they’re still alive so that their eggs can be removed for caviar—daily suffering and a terrifying death every year; reduces their own risk of suffering from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer; and shrinks their carbon footprint.

PETA—whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat”—opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview, and offers a free vegan starter kit on its website. For more information, please visit, listen to The PETA Podcast, or follow the group on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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