Let Them Keep Their Wings blue PETA Scores in Super Bowl Print Ad—See the Spread

PETA Scores in Super Bowl Print Ad—See the Spread

PETA has a message for Super Bowl fans: The only wings you should eat are ones that don’t come from birds. To remind everyone that chickens are living, feeling beings who don’t want to be killed and eaten as a half-time snack, we purchased an ad in this year’s Super Bowl program that says, “Let Them Keep Their Own Damn Wings.”

An estimated 1.45 billion chicken wings will be consumed during Super Bowl weekend—that’s more than 350 million chickens killed, just for a single event.

Farms—even ones that use deceptive marketing labels like “cage-free” and “humane”—typically breed birds to grow so large that some have difficulty even walking. They’re often denied opportunities to satisfy even their most basic needs, such as experiencing fresh air and sunlight.

At slaughterhouses, chickens are shackled upside down by their legs, their throats are slit—often while they’re still conscious—and many are scalded to death.

Birds Shouldn’t Suffer for Your Super Bowl Snack—Go Vegan!

You can still enjoy your favorite classic Super Bowl grub while watching the big game. Check out PETA’s guide to the best vegan wings across the U.S., which lists restaurants that serve tasty, chicken-free wings.

If you don’t live near any vegan wing spots, don’t sweat it! Brands like Gardein, LikeMeat, and MorningStar Farms all offer delicious vegan chicken wings that you can find at most major grocery chains.

Don’t just go vegan for Super Bowl Sunday—show compassion to animals every day! Order PETA’s free vegan starter kit to help you get started today:

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