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Pangolin Pup Starting to Gain Weight!

The short-tailed pangolin pup born at Prague Zoo is gaining weight. The breeders, in consultation with the Taipei Zoo, resorted to supplementary feeding after it was confirmed that the female Run Hou Tang did not have enough breast milk. The little female readily accepts the replacement food, so now the first pangolin born in Europe is gaining weight every day.

“The 12-day-old pangolin baby makes us happy mainly because of how tough it is. Run Hou Tang’s maternal care is also amazing. She puts the baby on her belly and if it moves away from her even a little, she immediately wakes up and guides her back to the warm nest,” says breeder David Vala. In addition to regular feeding and weighing, he monitors the events in the nest practically continuously on cameras. “We are cautiously very optimistic, but it is far from won. Careful monitoring and consultation with colleagues from Taiwan are the order of the day.”

The little female Luskouna was born in the Prague Zoo on February 2 in the early hours of the morning. This is the very first offspring of these highly endangered mammals in Europe. That’s why the exhibition of the pangolins in the Indonesian Jungle pavilion is still on pause. The zoo will keep you updated on the possibility of seeing the cub.

Video: Cameras allow breeders to continuously monitor the action in the nest. Run Hou Tang proved to be a caring mother. Source: Prague Zoo


Photo 1: The female short-tailed nutcracker gains weight every day thanks to additional feeding. Photo by Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

Photo 2: The breeding team of the Prague Zoo resorted to supplementing the feeding of the young nuthatch after consulting with colleagues from the Taipei Zoo. The cub’s mother – female Run Hou Tang – does not have enough breast milk. Photo by Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

Photo 3: The shell female born in the Prague Zoo is the first cub of these unique scaly mammals in the whole of Europe. Photo by Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo


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