white rat in hand Necks Snapped for Meat Glue? Ajinomoto’s Latest Business Venture

Necks Snapped for Meat Glue? Ajinomoto’s Latest Business Venture

Meat glue.

Two words that shouldn’t go together, right? But it’s a thing—a particularly nasty food additive made from the blood plasma of animals—and it’s typically used to combine the flesh from multiple individuals into one seemingly solid slab of meat. Because of meat glue, one steak may contain small pieces of dozens of slaughtered cows.

This bargain-bin flesh patty assemblage isn’t just gross—it’s also bad for your health. Using meat glue increases the risk of bacterial contamination, including by E. coli, causing food poisoning, which is why it’s banned in the EU. Leaky gut, fatigue, digestive issues, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders are just some of the reported health risks associated with consuming it.

Nevertheless, about 8 million pounds of meat in the U.S. contain meat glue, including chicken nuggets, steak, sausage, and cheese.

Can it get any nastier? Well, yes. Yes, it can.

Enter Ajinomoto Co. Inc.

A Japan-based conglomerate that’s the world’s largest manufacturer of monosodium glutamate (MSG) is also the primary producer of meat glue, which it supplies to animal experimenters who use it in gruesome and deadly tests. They use it to alter proteins, which they then inject into mice before taking their blood and killing them by snapping their necks.

Ajinomoto Is Stuck on Animal Abuse

Ajinomoto has been tormenting thousands of dogs, fish, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, pigs, rabbits, and rats in horrific and deadly experiments since the 1950s, largely in efforts to make dubious human health claims about food products and ingredients from MSG to meat glue in order to market them to consumers.

Ajinomoto experimenters have cut open dogs’ stomachs and inserted tubes, starved them, given them liquid diets with MSG and other amino acids, and injected them with drugs. They have also starved, killed, and dissected rabbits. In still other tests funded or conducted by Ajinomoto, experimenters injected a variety of toxic chemicals into mice or rats, cut their nerves, electroshocked them, and killed them.

Animal Experiments Are Crumbling, and Glue Can’t Save Them

Ajinomoto’s abusive experiments aren’t required by law, nor do they have any relevance to human health. Superior, non-animal research methods, including studies safely conducted on human volunteers or donated human tissue, are readily available, more affordable, and far more reliable than animal tests.

Ajinomoto: Stop deadly tests on animals for food products.

Please take action today. Urge Ajinomoto to ban all animal testing unless explicitly required by law:

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