Posted on the 19th March 2023

We have been working with Jessica Strathdee – vegan, activist, and founder of New Zealand’s chapter of Mothers Against Dairy – to release a video about the importance of parent-child bonds and how animal farming destroys this connection.

Mother’s Day is a special day for many people, providing an opportunity for celebration and time spent with family. Sadly, for most animals this isn’t the case.

Jessica worked on a dairy farm with her husband before she became pregnant with her first child. After giving birth and experiencing first-hand the power of parent-child connection, Jessica was confronted with the reality of what was happening on that dairy farm and on animal farms everywhere. Now, Jessica is a vegan activist, working to create a world where all animals are free, and all family bonds are respected.

A screenshot from our new film – available to watch on our YouTube channel

Today, we are wishing a happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, and, with the help of our supporters, we are working toward a world where all parent-child bonds are respected.

We hope our video will help to shed light on the realities of animal farming and encourage people to go vegan for a better future! Order a FREE vegan pack today.

Head over to our social media pages or click here to head to our YouTube channel to see the video!

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