Maia the Dog Missing After Flight feature image Missing: Maia the Dog Allegedly Lost by Delta Air Lines

Missing: Maia the Dog Allegedly Lost by Delta Air Lines

Have you seen Maia, the dog who was allegedly lost by Delta Air Lines? PETA is offering a reward of up to $5,000 in exchange for information that leads to the recovery of this 6-year-old black Chihuahua mix. She was separated from her guardian at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, reportedly the busiest airport in the world.

Still Missing: Maia Allegedly Lost by Delta

Maia’s guardian, Paula Rodriguez, was reportedly flying from her home in the Dominican Republic for a two-week vacation in California with Maia on August 18, 2023. Upon arriving in Atlanta, an issue with Rodriguez’s tourist visa was reportedly found and customs agents explained that she would have to return home on the next flight.

According to a CNN report, Rodriguez was scheduled for a flight back to the Dominican Republic the following day and was informed that she would have to spend the night in a detention center without Maia. When Rodriguez arrived for her flight, it became apparent that Maia wasn’t there. The woman was moved to a flight leaving an hour later while Delta attempted to find her dog, but Maia couldn’t be located and Rodriguez had to board the flight to Punta Cana without her, as per U.S. law Rodriguez couldn’t stay without a visa for more than 24 hours. Since returning to the Dominican Republic, she has been working remotely to find her missing companion.

According to a Delta representative, Maia escaped from her carrier “while teams were transporting the pet in the operations area outside of terminal buildings.” The airline has reportedly been looking for the dog, and notices have been placed in the airport, at local animal shelters, and within the local community.

PETA Offers Reward to Help Find Maia

Wherever Maia is, we hope she’s safe and that someone will find her and return her to her guardian. We’re asking people to keep an eye out for her and to come forward with any information that might lead to her recovery so that she can get back to the people who care about her. Anyone who has seen Maia or knows where she may be is urged to contact PETA at 757-622-7382.

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