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This week, American Humane announced the winners of the 9th annual American Humane Hero Veterinarian and Hero Veterinary Nurse Awards™, presented by Zoetis. Selected from a pool of more than 500 nominees and a combination of votes from the public and a blue-ribbon judging panel of veterinary professionals and animal care experts, Cheri Herschell is the 2022 American Hero Veterinary Nurse!

America’s veterinarians and veterinary nurses save and improve the lives of our furry, winged and finned friends every day, and through the Hero Vet Awards, we celebrate their tremendous achievements. We are thrilled to honor Cheri as this year’s Hero Veterinary Nurse.

Cheri offers immeasurable contributions to Crisis Center North and its PAWS for Empowerment Program. She trains CCN staff on appropriate interactions with working dogs and certifies the canine handler teams who work hands-on with clients in counseling and court work. Her medical expertise as a veterinary technician is invaluable in creating guidelines for the working dogs, ensuring they are both mentally and physically healthy.

As a canine intervention specialist at CCN, Cheri attends magisterial court as a legal advocate with Canine Advocate, Rune. She also develops and offers presentations for veterinary staff and students about the intersectionality of human and animal abuse. Cheri’s 15 years of experience working as a veterinary nurse allow her to make connections with communities which plays an invaluable role in keeping victims of domestic violence and their companion animals safe. She has reached more than 600 veterinary professionals with a tiered curriculum designed to help vets recognize their role as advocates in the fight against family violence. The presentations not only inform veterinary staff of the correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence, but also assist them in recognizing and reporting animal neglect and abuse; signs of human abuse; and how to assist victims to get help.

Cheri is taking her message to a national veterinary audience, which will encourage veterinarians to partner with their local DV organizations, be advocates in the prevention of family violence, and keep both ends of the leash safe. She is the embodiment of a hero.


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