Join the Slutty Vegan in the ‘Garden of Vegan’


Pinky Cole, the founder of Slutty Vegan, is making her debut as a vegan mother with PETA in the “Garden of Vegan”! Joined by her beautiful children, D Ella and Derrick Jr. (aka “DJ”), she shares her experience raising kind vegan kids and offers a tip or two for parents who want to do the same.

I want my children to understand that you can live a cruelty-free lifestyle and it can taste good.

In an on-set interview, Pinky shared that her kids are vegan and explained how essential it is to her that they understand the importance of kindness from an early age. “I don’t play about my lifestyle. I read the back of every label, the back of every box, [and] I’m always in the produce aisle,” she says. “I want my children to be able to follow in my footsteps and live a more conscious life.”

Each vegan spares the lives of nearly 200 animals every year. Animals used for food are typically confined to filthy warehouses, crates, and sheds; mutilated without pain relief; and forced onto trucks bound for the slaughterhouse. Animal agriculture wastes massive amounts of land, energy, and water and pollutes waterways and the air. It’s also a leading source of emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane, which are the top three planet-warming greenhouse gasses.

So for all the moms out there, you change your mindset and you can change your life.

Children raised as vegans—who consume no animal-derived foods, including meat, eggs, and dairy—can easily obtain all the nutrients essential for optimum health from plant-based sources, while children raised on the “traditional” American diet consume unhealthy cholesterol and saturated fats. The American Heart Association cautions parents that atherosclerosis—fatty deposits in the arteries—can begin in early childhood and recommends multiple daily servings of fruits and vegetables as one way of establishing and maintaining good heart health.

You have healthy recipes and compassionate parenting advice at your fingertips: Check out the resources that we’ve collected to help you raise vegan kids.

Join Pinky in the ‘Garden of Vegan’!

If you’re ready to join Pinky and go vegan but you aren’t sure where to start, order a free vegan starter kit today to help guide you along your way to more conscious eating:


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