Injured and dying cat used all his strength to make it home, watch his recovery!

January 25, 2023

It looked like half his head was missing.

The family who feeds him hadn’t seen him for days and thought he was never coming home again. We can only imagine the difficulty he had making his journey home–perhaps from a great distance, and in excruciating pain and confusion. He must have used every ounce of his remaining strength just to make it home.

When we rescued him, he was too weak to resist, and he quietly endured the removal of maggots infesting his wound despite the pain he must have been in. But as he healed, his eyes and entire face transformed. He always had a few words for us during the weeks of wound dressings that followed, but this was a good sign. It meant he was strong enough to fight for his life. He was also strong enough to start demanding cuddles!

Because of your help, we achieved something unbelievably beautiful in saving the life of Casper.

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