Healing a puppy whose eyes were sealed shut by advanced mange.

December 28, 2022

This poor little boy’s face and legs were covered in open sores from advanced mange, a skin parasite. The secondary infection from the mange had sealed shut his eyes. Without sight, he may have had only a few hours left to live when he was spotted by a kind young man who called our rescue team. His whole body was in pain, he was dehydrated and so weak he didn’t even react when we lifted him into our ambulance.

Without being able to open his eyes, he must have been so frightened but he seemed to know that we were here to help, even if he couldn’t see us. We gave him fluids for his dehydration, antibiotics, and painkillers, and within an hour he eagerly ate his first meal. Over the next few weeks he would receive many medicated baths, lots of nutritious food and extra love. Just wait til you see the huge smile on his face once he healed. Meet Ned now!

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