Fan Favorite ‘Fair Food’—but Make It Vegan

Ask anyone what they love about fairs and chances are that the food is going to be a popular answer. “Fair foods” like onion rings, corn dogs, and funnel cakes can be found at state fairs and carnivals across the nation, and vegan options are popping up more and more. With these fabulous vegan fair food recipes, you can have your favorites without leaving the house or exploiting animals.

This delicious recipe is free from all the “mystery ingredients” found in flesh-based hotdogs, so you can enjoy it without wondering whom you’re eating.

Don’t feel like making your own? Check out these packaged options instead.

Apples covered with vegan caramel? Sign us up! You don’t need butter and dairy milk to make a delicious caramel sauce. Check online or at the grocery store for premade vegan caramel sauce if you don’t feel like making it.

There are many store-bought vegan options for the base cookie of this fair favorite. This recipe also uses store-bought vegan crescent rolls for an easy-to-make version of this sweet treat.

Funnel cake is another fried fair food staple that’s easily made vegan. This recipe gives you all the fried goodness without any animal-derived ingredients.

This fried favorite gets a vegan upgrade, thanks to this delicious DIY recipe that skips the cruelty. Bonus points for being bite-size!

How do you make an onion tastier? Coat it in beer batter and deep-fry it, of course.

If you don’t feel like making your own, check the frozen aisle at your grocery store.

Those looking for something ever so slightly healthier may opt for a jumbo soft pretzel. This recipe will have you in carb heaven, without the chicken periods.

Don’t forget your vegan dipping sauce. Find some delicious dip recipes here.

Pickles are great just as they are. But when you dip them in batter and fry them, they’re even better.

These recipes allow anyone to enjoy tasty “fair food” guilt-free. Well, almost guilt-free. Now get frying!

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