Dev Web Dog’s painful face cancer healed with chemo.

Dog’s painful face cancer healed with chemo.

August 18, 2023

A street dog’s face was distorted from an enormous swelling.

We found him in a state of confusion and pain, pawing at his face. After catching him by net since he was very frightened and likely to flee as soon as we approached, we saw that the tumor was open in several places and severely infected. It was so big that one of his eyes was completely closed shut. We determined that the tumor was a less common presentation of a cancer called a transmissible venereal tumor (TVT). TVT usually manifests in the reproductive organs but occasionally migrates to the face. TVT can be treated with chemotherapy, administered over the course of many weeks, and sometimes even months, depending on the dog’s condition.

With a tumor as big and infected as his, we could only hope that the chemo would take effect quickly. Thankfully he responded well, and the tumor began to shrink in size.

After enduring so much pain, Dev not only healed but got the sparkle in his eyes back.



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