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Cruelty-Free Gel Nail Polish Brands That Really Nail It

Did you join the at-home gel nail polish and dip powder manicure craze during the lockdown? When everyone was stuck at home and nail salons were closed, many people turned to at-home options. Salons are now open, of course, but you can still get a great mani-pedi at home, with the seemingly endless choices out there.

Unfortunately, some nail polish companies still pay for inhumane and entirely unnecessary tests on animals. These cruel tests can involve forcing animals to inhale or ingest large amounts of chemicals, dripping different substances into their eyes, or applying products to their shaved skin. Once the tests are complete, most often the animals are killed. These countless rabbits, mice, and rats are thinking, feeling individuals, not laboratory equipment. Luckily, plenty of cruelty-free options really nail it:

PETA Business Friend L.A. Colors offers a great vegan gel nail polish palette that you can find online or at multiple big-box retailers. With a collection like this one, who needs a salon?

Available online and at multiple brick-and-mortar stores, the products of this PETA Business Friend offer a color choice for every occasion, including black light–activated, glow-in-the-dark options for a fun Halloween look or your next club night.

This cruelty-free company and PETA Business Friend has a line of gel effect nail polishes that you can purchase on its website. Choose from a simple nude like “Cynthia,” or make a statement with a brighter option like “Gershwin.”

A certified vegan company and a PETA Business Friend—what more could you want?! Created for both at-home and professional use, its extensive gel nail polish line ranges from cat eye gel polish to glitter and holographic options.

This 100% cruelty-free brand takes it a step further by donating a percentage of its sales every quarter to animal shelters, sanctuaries, and nonprofits. Go to its website to stock up, and be sure to check out its Activist Essentials collection!

Want to keep using the polish you have but give it a nice gel-like finish? Peacci has you covered with its Gel’ous Top Coat.

This U.K.-based company has a vegan gel effect collection available for shipping on its website as well as some options on Amazon.

These companies all prove that you can get a great gel nail polish manicure without causing sensitive animals pain and suffering. Next time you buy nail polish, other makeup, or skincare products, make a compassionate choice and check for PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies logo so you know the product doesn’t exploit animals. To find out whether your favorite brands test on animals, check out our database:

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