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Cool Clothes for Compassionate Kids

Shopping for kids’ clothes shouldn’t come with a guilty conscience, so we’ve come up with a list of vegan brands to help get you started.

Try these “PETA-Approved Vegan” brands to shop for kids’ clothes with a clear conscience.

Deux par Deux

This PETA Business Friend is based in Canada and ships to many countries around the world. It offers clothing and accessories for kids ages 3 months to 14 years.

7AM Enfant

This brand offers stylish outerwear and gear for infants and toddlers. You can also find items such as diaper bags and backpacks.

Dominic & Dempsey

These handcrafted shoes aren’t just stylish—they’re sustainable, too. Each pair is made with Desserto cactus leather instead of skin stolen from an animal.

Infantium Victoria

Sustainable, stylish, and organic, the clothes from this vegan brand are sure to impress.

Lou Lou and Company

Basics, beanies, and blankets never looked so good. This vegan kids’ clothes brand has a variety of products, including bedding for the crib and a monthly bow subscription.


If you’re looking for fun patterns, MAI is the place to go. This U.K.-based company makes clothes for newborns through age 8 as well as some matching options for adults.

Vegan Outfitters

This brand uses all-vegan materials—and its merchandise has a message, too. Grab a “Be Kind to Every Kind” onesie to start your kid’s activism early.

Or you can check out these brands that offer even more kids’ clothes made with vegan materials.


These booties were made for walking and washing so you don’t have to worry about them getting messy.


The washable soft-soled shoes from this small business are handmade in Los Angeles and come in many sizes and patterns. You can even get a matching “mommy and me” pair in select varieties.


There’s no shortage of color from this company, which offers clothes in sizes from newborn to 14 years. It even has a selection for adults so the whole family can match.

Rockets of Awesome

Kids will love the awesome clothes from this brand, which offers extensive options. Check out the seasonal subscription box for some extra fun.

Winter Water Factory

Made in the USA with organic cotton, these kids’ clothes come in a multitude of delightful designs.


Thanks to brands like these and many others around the world, it’s never been easier to shop for kids’ clothes made with compassion in mind. The PETA Shop also has a number of options for those who want to help spread a message of kindness. Choosing vegan products spares the lives of sensitive individuals and helps create a safer world for your kids. Industries such as the leather, wool, and down trades that exploit animals also destroy the planet with deforestation and pollution—but buying vegan can help stop this. So choose vegan in order to give your kids a better chance at living in a healthy and kind world while keeping them stylish.

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