chimpanzee bottle retaliation crop 2 Chimpanzee Throws a Bottle Into a Crowd in Viral Video

Chimpanzee Throws a Bottle Into a Crowd in Viral Video

Another day, another viral animal video making the rounds. This time, it’s a clip showing Diu Na Xing, a chimpanzee held at Changsha Ecological Zoo, throwing a bottle into a crowd with impressive speed and aim. Check out the footage:

At a bare minimum, a reputable facility should have better measures in place to prevent humans from breaching animals’ enclosures with their bodies or thrown objects. More importantly, those truly looking out for animals should focus on their well-being, comfort, and mental stimulation, instead of profit.

He Shouldn’t Have to Throw a Bottle to Get Respect

Obviously, nobody can blame Diu Na Xing for retaliating this way—most of us would want to throw something if we had to deal with gawkers tossing trash into our space. Commenters on the video are lamenting the chimpanzee’s situation: He’s confined to an enclosure with no real means of avoiding onlookers who stare at, provoke, and annoy him. But it’s important to remember that this isn’t a case of retribution—Diu Na Xing didn’t get justice, and the target of his aim was a bystander, not the man who threw the bottle into the enclosure. Thankfully, the person behind the camera is OK, with only a bloody eyebrow and a broken phone screen.

We hope the people most responsible for this incident, those who choose to keep Diu Na Xing imprisoned at a shoddy roadside zoo, will face appropriate consequences. Chimpanzees are profoundly social, and when they have control over their own lives, they spend each day together exploring, using tools to solve problems, foraging, playing, grooming each other, and making soft nests for sleeping. Every day that Diu Na Xing is deprived of those experiences is another day he loses to his captors.

Animals Suffering at Roadside Zoos Need Your Help

Animals like Diu Na Xing suffer every day at fetid, irresponsible, profit-hungry roadside zoos across the U.S. and throughout the world. Learn how you can help them today:

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