bullfighting Canal Toros on Movistar Plus+ to Stop Airing Bullfights

Canal Toros on Movistar Plus+ to Stop Airing Bullfights

Victory! Following years of actions by PETA Latino supporters, Telefónica’s paid TV platform, Movistar Plus+, will no longer air bullfights on its Toros channel (Canal Toros). This exciting development comes after animal defenders sent thousands of e-mails to Telefónica and more than 800 animal protection groups from around the world, including PETA, fired off a letter to its president urging him to reject any plans to air the ritualistic killing of bulls.

This move is in line with public sentiment around the world. The majority of people in Spain and Latin America are against bullfighting and don’t want the bloody events to be televised. By refusing to broadcast bullfights, Telefónica is showing respect for their opinion and promoting a message of compassion.

Bulls are sensitive, intelligent animals who have been shown to enjoy solving complex problems. They love to play games with other members of their herd. It’s hard to believe that torturing and killing bulls in arenas is still legal anywhere in 2023, but these cruel displays still take place in eight countries: Colombia, Ecuador, France, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, and Venezuela.

The number of bullfights has been greatly reduced globally, and numerous cities and states around the world have imposed bans. More than 125 cities in Spain have banned bullfighting, as have the Mexican states of Coahuila, Guerrero, Quintana Roo, and Sonora. In Colombia, the cities of Bogotá, Cartagena, and Medellín have imposed heavy restrictions that make holding these cruel events practically impossible.

Please pledge never to attend a bullfight, join local protests against bullfighting, and let others know about the cruelty of these anachronistic events.

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