Egpyt camel blur feature image Camel Rides Are a Death Sentence for Camels

Camel Rides Are a Death Sentence for Camels

PETA Asia has obtained more video footage showing the horrific abuse of camels at Egypt’s notorious Birqash Camel Market. Many of these gentle, social animals are sold and exploited for rides and photo ops at sites like the nearby pyramids at Giza and Saqqara. When they’re no longer able to give rides or be used as photo props, they will likely end up back at the very same market to be sold for meat.

Watch the video and let the footage speak for itself.

Before reaching this chaotic, noisy, dusty, and frenzied market outside of Cairo, workers jam camels into trucks for a frightening and exhausting trip. Once they arrive, handlers use sticks to hit the animals in the face and on their extremely sensitive testicles. Handlers beat some camels until they’re left with bloody, fly-infested wounds that go untreated. Workers tightly bind camels’ legs so that they can’t escape or even move around freely. PETA Asia’s footage shows a truck dragging a camel down the street by his leg.

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