Britney max shelter dog Britney Spears Buys Another Dog

Britney Spears Buys Another Dog

Oops, she did it again! You might say Britney Spears is no stranger to making headlines, whether it’s for her family drama or her music. This time, it’s for her choice to buy another dog.

An estimated 70 million dogs and cats are struggling to survive on the streets in the U.S., and buying a dog contributes to that number. For every puppy bought, there’s one less home for an animal in a shelter.

When influential people buy puppies, puppy mills cheer and animal shelters watch the homeless-animal crisis get even worse. With this one cutesy post, Britney Spears has sentenced countless deserving dogs in shelters to more days without love, a comfy bed to curl up on, or a chance at a real life. She could have been a force for good and adopted, but instead she chose to be toxic, and animals will pay with their lives.

It’s irresponsible to bring more dogs into the world when so many are already here, desperate for loving homes. And purchasing from a “private breeder” is no better than going to a pet shop or puppy mill. If you buy a dog, you’re killing another dog’s chance of finding a home. Period.

You Can Make a Dog in a Shelter Lucky by Pledging to Never Buy Animals

Every year, millions of animals who need homes enter U.S. shelters. If you want to bring an animal into your life, always adopt from an animal shelter. In addition to your local shelter, Petfinder is a great online resource for locating adoptable animals in your area who are in need of homes—you can even filter by breed, age, and size.

Please pledge to help end the homeless-animal crisis by never buying an animal and having your animal companions spayed or neutered:

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