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Breaking the Chain: Helping Dogs in Mexico

With support from PETA’s Global Compassion Fund, fieldworkers returned to Mexico this week for another spay-a-thon to help combat the Cancún area’s massive companion animal overpopulation crisis, but that’s not all!

After meeting up with a local partner shelter, fieldworkers put their expertise to work for dogs in desperate need of care, shelter, and a bit of affection. The team has spent the past several days helping dogs like Simon, whom they found confined to a concrete slab by a short, heavy chain.

Poor Simon had been kicked out of the family home after he grew into an energetic adult. While his owner was unwilling to give him the loving indoor home he deserves, the team was able to persuade the owner to at least allow them to improve his miserable and illegal living conditions.

The team found a shady spot on the property for him and installed a raised, sturdy doghouse after clearing away debris and rocks. They also gave him a lightweight tie-out with a collar so he could more comfortably move about.

Simon now has better protection from the elements after fieldworkers provided him with a raised, sturdy doghouse

The team has been busy all week providing dogs like Simon with shelter, food, deworming medication, treatment for mange, and more. All the while they’ve been telling residents about the importance of spaying and neutering and inviting them to the free clinic this weekend.

You can help more animals like Simon in Mexico, Ukraine, and other countries by making a gift to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund today!

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