Tofoo web Abandoned, unable to stand, in the cold and dark alone...injured bull calf rescued.

Abandoned, unable to stand, in the cold and dark alone…injured bull calf rescued.

January 27, 2024

There in the road was an abandoned baby who couldn’t stand.

Blinding headlights swept past him as he lay in pain and terror. One after another, cars zoomed by, not slowing, not stopping. But then, someone’s wheels slowed and a kind motorist came to a full stop. “What is it, little one?” she must have asked. She realized that this recumbent little bundle could not stand. There was no blood, but he was absolutely helpless. She immediately took action and called Animal Aid’s ambulance to the spot, and we hurried him back to our hospital.

We snuggled him in blankets and gave him hydration and medicine through an IV line. His eyes, in fear or confusion, hardly looked at us but remained fixed ahead, as if unseeing. He needed his mother. Somewhere we knew his mother was tied and crying for him. But he’d been cast out by an owner who did not “need” a bull. Thank you, Reader, for helping us give him warmth, food, and love.

Now, love swirls around Tofoo from all quarters– from other orphaned babies, grown-up cows, from our loving care-givers, and, we know, from you.

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