Posted on the 26th May 2023

Time and time again we hear people say that they are happy to eat animals and animal products like milk and eggs, as long as the animals have “had a good life”. There is a prevailing myth that because people see cows in fields, or lambs with sheep, that they have a fairly happy life. Of course, we know this to be far from the truth – and that farmed animals face routine abuse from the moment they are born until their slaughter.

In our latest campaign, we explore what it means for animals to have a ‘good life’; one free from fear, harm, suffering and exploitation. Many people do not realise that in Britain, the vast majority of animals killed for food are still babies, who are routinely maimed and mutilated to maximise profit.

For example, did you know that chicks are “de-beaked”, which involves slicing off the tip of their beak with no pain relief, pigs have their testicles removed in the first seven days of their life without pain relief, and that male calves are killed at a few days old as they are of no use to the dairy industry?

To mark the launch of A Good Life, we teamed up with vegan food company, VFC, to give away free Vegan Fried Chick*n to people in York! Passers-by were able to try a VFC sample, and if they took our short quiz on chicken farming, they received a voucher for free VFC in supermarkets!

We had many positive conversations on the day. We spoke to people who were initially sceptical, but who were shocked to learn about the routine harms in chicken farming – like the fact chickens grow to four times the size of their wild ancestors – and they were pleasantly surprised after trying a piece of delicious vegan fried chick*n.

The only way to help farmed animals is to not eat them, or products like milk and eggs, which depend on animal exploitation. Happily, it’s now easier than ever to go vegan, with plant-based options available in most cafés, shops and restaurants.

Learn more about the ‘A Good Life?’ campaign, and why not try out some vegan recipes this week!

Help animals – choose vegan!

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