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7 Latinas Speak Out Against Bullfighting

Matadors around the world kill thousands of bulls every year. Bullfighting isn’t a sport, art, or tradition: It’s a cowardly display of cruelty. In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), PETA is celebrating seven Latinas who have stood up to the cruel and corrupt bullfighting industry:

Sofía Sisniega

Passionate animal and women’s rights activist Sofía Sisniega starred in this campaign urging everyone to help end this deadly spectacle and never buy tickets to a bullfighting event.

Patricia De León

Actor and Miss Panama 1995 Patricia De León starred in this campaign calling for compassion for bulls and an end to bullfighting.

“Tradition is not an excuse for cruelty. Don’t support bullfighting.”

Liz Alexa

Mexican lifestyle influencer Liz Alexa collaborated with PETA to create a video describing the torment and suffering that bulls endure in bullfights.

Dulce María

Mexican actor and singer Dulce María has starred in several powerful campaigns for PETA, including one against bullfighting.

A digital composition showing Dulce Maria standing holding a bloody bullhook and splashed with blood. Text on the image reads "Don't be fooled. Bullfighting is torture, not culture." in Spanish.

“Don’t be fooled. Bullfighting is torture, not culture.”

María Celeste Arrarás

“I wouldn’t be caught dead at a bullfight.” María Celeste Arrarás is the host of DocuFilms on CNN en Español and never shies away from speaking out against exploiting animals for entertainment.

Photo of Maria Celeste

María Celeste Arrarás, is not only an exceptional journalist and television host, but also a passionate activist who opposes injustice and abuse.

Michelle Renaud

Star of La reina soy yo Michelle Renaud knows that bullfighting is cruelty, not culture, and a “tradition” that deserves to die.

A photo composition of Michelle Renaud in a bullfighting arena holding a red bullfighting sash. Text on the image says "Some traditions deserve to die. It is not culture to torture a sentient being who does not want to die."

“Some traditions deserve to die. It is not culture to torture a sentient being who does not want to die”

Andrea Padilla

Colombian senator and animal rights activist Andrea Padilla received the Woman Defender of Animals award from PETA Latino in 2021 in recognition of her legislative victories for animals in Bogotá, including a restriction that effectively stopped bullfighting in the city for several years. She recently led the passage of a bill that would prohibit bullfighting in Colombia through the Senate, and it’s now awaiting a vote in the Chamber of Representatives.

How You Can Help Bulls

If you’re feeling inspired by these remarkable Latinas, please pledge never to attend a bullfight or purchase tickets to any show that uses live animals in any way and help put an end to bullfighting:

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