MidWest Dog Crates

MidWest Dog Crates

Midwest iCrate Pet Crate

Every time you travel with your pet on via airplane, you will want a pet crate, and there are plenty available on the market. You will find a lot of pet crates with a lot of features, but not all are durable and safe. You don't want to wait until the last minute to make a quick purchase. Instead, you should do research and buy a pet crate that will keep your pet safe during the journey.

Making an immediate purchase without investigation will never give you time to look at the benefits of the crate, consider the materials used to make these crates, or make sure it is easy to clean.There are a lot of factors to keep in mind before buying a dog crate. One of the best pet crates on the market is the Midwest dog crate. These crates are portable, durable and offer safety for your pets.


Benefits for customers

When you buy a pet crate, especially a dog crates, you should look for ease of use. As a pet owner, you want your dog crate to be portable, durable, safe and easy to clean. It is not just a pet crate; it is a home for your dog. The Midwest dog crate is easy to carry around with its compact size, and the single-door makes it much safer.

Furthermore, it has a plastic pan which makes it easy to clean, and even more easy to carry around when you fold the dog crate. The structure of the crate is "fold and carry".


  • Compact Size: 42L x 30W x 28H inches
  • Pet size: Ideal for pets that weight 71 to 90 pounds
  • Single door
  • Portable: Fold and carry
  • Easy-to-clean composite plastic pan
  • Safe and secure slide-bolt
  • Divider panel included

Pros and cons


  • The Midwest dog crate has significant advantage for pets. With the rounded corners, the pets are safe inside.
  • Its construction allows for very easy setting up – it won’t take more than a minute, and this crate will be ready for your pet.
  • ​Furthermore, the crate is lightweight and easy to carry around with the fold and carry configuration, and plastic handle to move the folded crate.
  • Thus, it allows the dog to rest and sleep easily with the plastic pan.


  • The only disadvantage of this product is that it is not ideal for the dogs who weigh more than 25 pounds.

Via: Amazon.com

How to use the dog crate

It is not convenient to keep the dog inside the pet crate all the time. You need to give the pet some space. Using cage all the time is not right for the pet.

  • A pet crate is a perfect place for untrained dogs. Use when you are not at home. This way your puppy or dog will not make any unwanted mess, like chew the electrical wires or other stuff.
  • When you are at home, leave the crate open so that the dog can learn how to use it voluntarily.
  • Use the dog crate when carrying the dog from one place to another, especially while traveling via airplane. Make sure that the locks are in place before you leave the pet locked inside. You can also use the dog crate when traveling on the road, not only when you are traveling by air.
  • It is not advised to keep the dog in the crate for more than five hours a day. If you want to use the crate, make sure your dog does not spend all day inside.

Via: Amazon.com

How to clean the crate

The Midwest dog crate is easy to clean. With the composite plastic pan, the cleaning process is easy.

  • First, you will need to remove the plastic tray. If there are any toys or other material on the plate, remove that too.
  • Once the tray is out, use a proper antiseptic cleaning solution to wash the tray.
  • Once you have cleaned it, focus on the bars. Clean the corners and bars of the crate with the same product or you can use water to clean them.
  • Use a dry towel to wipe the tray and cage bars.
  • Leave it for an hour or two to dry.


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The Midwest dog crate is an excellent way to handle pet dogs while traveling as well as when you are at home. It is important to have a dog crate not just for the dog's safety while traveling but also for your travel convenience. Purchasing these dog crates is a great way to handle a pet.

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