How to Train Your Dog to Roll Over

How to Train Your Dog to Roll Over

How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over

Training your new dog or pup to do tricks can be a lot of fun and requires a little bit of effort..Directing your dog to learn tricks means that you are in charge of each and every activity they carry out. The dog looks to their owner for direction, commands, instructions, and guidance. This propensity is advantageous when it comes to their day-to-day comportment. It is very helpful in stimulating your pet dogs if they are left alone in the house for long hours. It is also excellent for extreme weather days like snowy, rainy, or stormy days when you want to go outside for an excursion and can’t take your dog along with you.

Rolling over is an advanced trick that is hard to teach a dog and requires much attention by the owner. The reason behind it being a hard trick is that dogs don’t like to be on their backs. Once you have taught your dog basic tricks like sitting, lying down, and staying, you will be able to teach him/her to roll over. For teaching this trick, you need to follow the following steps.

How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over

Step 1

To reward your dog after every successful movement, keep some treats on hand. If you do not want to feed your dog treats, then you can use another way of rewarding your dog, although training with treats is the best way.
Treats can consist of whatever food your dog love or the food that it does not normally get but loves a lot like cheese, dog treats, roast beef, turkey, chicken or any other food that can play a great role in helping a dog learn tricks. To make the treat last throughout the training session, break it into many small bites. It will also prevent your dog from filling up too quick. It is necessary to keep your dog hungry because it will help it do tricks easily and quickly so that it can get treats in return.

Step 2

For mastering the roll over trick, your dog must know how to lie down. It is a very crucial step without which your dog will not be able to roll over. Lie down is a position in which dogs rest on their back on the floor with their head raised and paws ahead of them. This position will help the dog roll over conveniently without injuring itself. Therefore, first teach your dog to lie down. If you still haven’t, teach it by moving the treat near the floor and in the middle of the dog’s paw so that it can lie down. Remember to give your dog the treat once its abdominal region touches the ground.

Step 3

Once your dog lies down, keep a treat in your hand near its face. For this, you need to crouch down in front of your dog while holding a treat in your hand and keep it close to its face so that it can smell or see it. Keep your hand such that your dog will not be able to grab it from your hand before completing the trick. Move the treat up and over your dog’s head so that its nose imitates the movement of your hand with the help of the scent of the treat. Usually, the dog’s head and body follow the position of its nose. You just have to move your hand over the dog’s nose in such a way that will cause his body to roll over automatically.
Also, say roll over in an understandable and affectionate tone while you are moving your hand which possesses the treat around the sides of your dog’s head. It will help your dog learn the verbal phrase of rolling over. You can also use a hand signal during the training session to make your dog roll over by rolling your fingers.

Final words

Bear in mind that rolling over is not a natural comportment for dogs, and it can become a little hard for them to learn it. Therefore, you need to make the process as comfortable as possible by training on a soft surface like grass or carpet.

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