How to Keep Your Pets Safe in the winter

How to Keep Your Pets Safe in the winter

You might think that because your pets have a thick and large fur coat, they can retain the heat inside them and cope much better with the cold weather than you. In fact, they are also vulnerable in the winter; hence need as much protection and best pet accessories as you need. In this article, I will provide some tips to keep your pets healthy and happy in the winter.

What You Should Do When Going Out With Your Pets?

By all means, you should limit the amount of time your pets are outside in the winter.

If you want to go for a walk outside with your dogs, have some several shorter walk instead of a long one. If you still want your dogs to have exercise, provide them with indoor activities such as tug of war or fetching games.

After a walk outside, always check your dog’s paws. Note the sign of cracking or bleeding as well as ice and salt sticking in his paws.

Remember to clear off all ice and salt from your dog’s paws. Ice will make your dog loses his temperature quickly and salt can be harmful if he licks the paws.

Wear warm clothes for your dogs. Items such as sweaters or jackets are needed to protect your pets from the cold and chilling winds as well as possible risk of hypothermia and frostbite.

You should also cover the areas of ear, nose and paws of your pets.

Let your dog wear booties to protect his pawns from ice, salt or any chemical used on the road.

  • Ensure the safety of your pets on the cold by frequently observing your pet’s movements and activities.

  • When walking with your dogs, look for all the slippery and icy surfaces.

  • Don’t let your dog run on a frozen lakes or ponds. He can fall through ice, causing injuries and even death. It is ideal your dog has a leash on so they will follow you in safe paths.

  • Also the cold and snowy winter makes it extremely hard for a dog to find way so leashing your dogs would prevent it from getting lost.

  • Always clean your dog’s pawns and any area of his body that have contact with the snow.

  • Make sure to dry your pets thoroughly to remove any snow and ice from their fur and paws.

What You Should Do For Your Pets While They Are Inside?

Firstly, your pets’ bed should be placed in somewhere warm and away from the doors and windows as well as anywhere that the wind can blow to.
Secondly, don’t let your pets sleep on the floor. Provide them a comfortable and warm bed with blankets and pillows.
Your pets can gain weight easily during the winter time as they have to stay inside with fewer exercises so make sure you check their weight regularly and reduce their food if necessary.

Other Tips To Ensure The Safety Of Your Pets

Never leave your pets in a cold car alone. The car will become cold really fast once the air conditioner is turned off.
Make sure you protect your dog from any danger in the house such as heaters or fireplaces. Keep the eyes on them and prevent them from going nearby these places by using a guard.
Don’t use metal food bowls for your pets. In a cold weather, the metal could stick to your pet’s tongue easily.
Make sure that the water in the bowl or any source of water is not frozen. You can use the pet-safe heated bowl as a substitute for a normal one.
Only shave your pets if the hair gets too long. Longer hair is very useful to keep your pet warm. You should only trim the bottom part of your pet. Trimming the area near the toes and feet is extremely important to prevent salt and ice from sticking into.

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