Best Dog Crates – Detailed Buying Guide

Best Dog Crates 2022 – Detailed Buying Guide

Various accessories and designs are available out there, but your choices need to be kept to the point. This guide will take you through five top products and provide more information on use and maintenance, among other dog crate information that pet owners need to know. Always keep your pet in mind and do not make the mistake of choosing a dog crate that suits your preferences more than your canine’s.

Product Reviews – Top 5 Best Dog Crates 2022

We are going to explore five top customer favorites among the best dog crates on Amazon. We hope to cover all salient features for your convenience. Check out more detailed reviews of each of these products online.

1. Midwest iCrate Pet Crates

The reason why customers like this crate are the sheer space it provides for pets. Sturdy design features and a well-balanced make have given the Midwest iCrate value for money.

  • You can choose either the single or double door crate; our review focuses on the latter.
  • The double door variety is sold only in black while the single comes in light blue and pink.
  • The doors are positioned one on the front and another on the side, for ease of access
  • Pets in the 70 to 90-pound weight range will find comfortable seating inside.
  • There is a composite plastic pan for cleaning.
  • And a divider panel to keep your pet comfortable; as long as they are aptly sized and not too cramped. Or simply to reduce the space for a puppy growing up, so they are not spooked or over-excited by an overly wide enclosure.
  • Two plastic carrying handles help with comfort and portability.
  • Enhanced security and safety via slide-bolt latches. Your pet will not be able to undo these from inside the crate.

Pros: Spacious, portable, versatile features, easy to clean, sturdy bolts, double-door access

Cons: Slightly expensive, not rust-proof, and needs regular coating

2. OxGord Double-Door Easy Folding Metal Pet Crate

Elegant, clear interior views and a lightweight design have made this crate a go-to option for pet owners.

  • Variations include a single door without divider and five different sizes for crates with double doors with dividers.
  • In this review, we cover the wonderfully large 48-inch crate, the largest in this OxGord lineup.
  • The divider is great for transporting pets in a fitting area; without cramping.
  • The comfortable carry handle makes for good portability without undue crate tilting.
  • Dual doors make it easier to let your pet in and out when the crate is pre-positioned along with luggage and cannot be moved.
  • Washable.
  • Secure fits and bolts.
  • Heavy-duty steel adds to the crate’s durability.
  • Designed to save space; especially the smaller-sized models. You can fold and store without the need to use specialized tools. Re-assembly is a cinch.

Pros: Lightweight, washable, steel make, balanced design, spacious, convenient storage, quick re-assembly

Cons: Often too big so check your dog’s size in relation to the crates before selecting. Strong dogs can break out


3. AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

This multi-featured crate from AmazonBasics has put several dog crates to shame. Check out what it comes packing…

  • It’s sold in 3 standard sizes: small, medium, large. Our review focuses on the medium model.
  • A composite plastic pan aids in cleaning; it is removable.
  • A divider panel makes it easy for dogs that need a cozy setting (not overly wide) or if you are transporting pups.
  • Dual doors make for outstanding convenience.
  • Each door comes equipped with slide-bolt latches to enhance security and safety.
  • The bottom perimeter lining is designed with dividers to keep your pet’s paws inside the crate at all times.
  • Improved portability via a comfortable handle and foldable design.
  • Sturdy steel makes for the entire crate.

Pros: Portable, durable steel, dual doors, perimeter dividers, general divider panel, plastic pan

Cons: Main door’s bottom lock shows signs of unreliability; latches, in general, have been troublesome on this model

4. MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

Ideal for a growing pet from puppy to adult, this crate is a good investment for traveling pet owners.

  • There are 6 different divider sizes to choose from based on the development stage of your pet.
  • You have single door and double door versions; our review focuses on the latter.
  • Pets in the 25 to 40-pound weight range will find ample accommodation in this doggy crate.
  • It can be readily folded away and reassembled when required; good storage and portability.
  • You can practically alter your puppy’s living space as it grows. These versatile features ensure optimal variation and comfort for your pet.
  • ABS plastic pan included; easy to clean.
  • Satin black e-coating on the crate, durable and elegant.
  • Rounded corners that will not scuff or damage surroundings.
  • Dual doors; side and front access for convenience.
  • Secure slide bolt latches.

Pros: Spacious, ideal for a developing puppy, thoughtful features, convenient and portable, easy to clean

Cons: Tougher dogs can chew right through, walls are hinged and prone to collapse

5. Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Dog Crate

Primarily used for small to medium-sized dog breeds, this Carlson crate is a brilliant pet investment.

  • Our review focuses mainly on the medium-sized version of this model.
  • All-steel make renders it highly durable.
  • Excellent portability and storage potential; easy to fold and re-assemble as needed.
  • Pups and dogs up to a maximum of 45 pounds will find this crate a cozy fit.
  • A pan for cleanliness; removable and washable.
  • It comes with a sizeable single door equipped with a simple but reliable slide-lock system.

Pros: Practical, reliable lock, single door, easy to clean, portable, high pet comfort

Cons: Not big enough for some medium-sized dog breeds, no double door makes exit/entrance inconvenient

Benefits Of Using The Best Dog Crates 2022

They are not just transport cages; that makes them sound terrible. Dog crates are much more than that, and bring a world’s worth of benefits to pet owners.

  • The best dog crates ensure your pet’s safety. This is their ultimate benefit, and any product that does not cater to this core requirement is a risk.
  • Your pet should not run pell-mell out of a crate when they need to sit calm and stay safe; especially while in transit or in crowded/traffic zones. Crates and divider panels ensure this.
  • Comfort and convenience come in the form of good handles to lift and carry the crate between places.
  • Most have dual door designs that help with emergency access or even just another door to help let your pet out or put a pup in without having to move luggage and tug the cage into view.
  • They are easy to clean. They come with an underlying pan that helps with cleaning up after your pet. The pan and the area where your pet sleeps are separated; just make sure to perform quick cleans to maintain hygiene.
  • You can accessorize crates as you wish, as long as you use items that do not spook or discomfort your pet. You can have the steel mesh bars painted, you can even put a few toys inside.
  • The varied crate sizes out there make it amazing for pet owners to choose based on their dog’s size. These products come with size charts to help you shop right. You can choose the best doggy crate online using digital guides; no need to juxtapose it with your pet in real life.
  • Most of these crates can be folded and readily re-assembled, enhancing portability.

Doggy crates make your life and that of your pet’s simpler and more comfortable.


How To Pick The Best Dog Crate

This step-by-step guide will take you through a simplified shopping process to get the best dog crates for your pet.

Step 1: Find a size chart online for your pet. Here is a good place to start. If you want a more hands-on measure, have your pet stand, get a measuring tape, and find out their length (nose to tail tip); stretch the tail gently and cover the length. Then measure height, front paw to the top of an ear.

Step 2: You will be better able to understand size variations among different doggy crates. Space is not always a good thing, dogs like a simple setting, nothing too wide to make them panic or get excited. You are, after all, using dog crates to transport your pet not give them a kennel-like feel.

Step 3: Once you have chosen a non-cramped crate with the right measure for your pet’s size, check out the ‘cons’ or negative review points for your selected crate. Knowing what’s wrong with your choice can save you time and money because actual customers have reported their experiences so you can learn from their mistakes.

Step 4: While the included pan is great for cleanliness, the divider is often a point of confusion for customers. The idea is to adjust the interior space to suit your pet’s needs, in this case, a non-panic zone that makes them feel like they ‘fit’. Otherwise, your dog will go ballistic if the vehicle so much as encounters a pit or speed breaker to say nothing of their stress when they see crowds or encounter noisy traffic. A neat crate without too much space makes dogs feel safe.

Step 5: Choose between dual doors and single doors. Most people prefer the single-door kind because they know how they are going to transport their pet and that their vehicle allows room for one opening angle only. This way, they save costs by not buying a more expensive double door crate while still ensuring their pet’s comfort. Double doors make for better emergency options especially if you do not know how best to angle the crate for transport. One or the other door can help, more so when it comes to cleaning the crates while transporting pups; divider panel adjustments are easier with two doors too.

Tips On Dog Crate Use & Maintenance

You should know when to use a dog crate; also, when it’s not a good time to crate your dog. Later, we will discuss maintenance.

  • You need to put your pet through crate training at home, so they can get comfortable with the way it looks, smells, and feels to sit inside.
  • You are probably wondering why too much space is NOT recommended. That’s because you are training your pet to remain calm while in transit. So if they have a corner to pee in and they return to the far corner to sleep, it makes them move about too much and assume they can leave the crate at any time. When they find they are locked in…
  • They could then put up tantrums or panic, especially when the vehicle experiences rough roads. Running about inside the crate is a terrible scenario for your pet and can result in injury.
  • They need to be able to stand, turn, shift, sit, lie down, curl up, and get up without undue twists and turns. The divider panel will help set the space according to your pet’s size. You need to manually move it into place as needed.
  • To avoid your pet choking or snagging, avoid using harnesses or collars inside the crate. Place chew toys or their favorite doll in there.
  • Never crate your pet and leave them alone. It instills the wrong message. Stay close, speak to them, make them feel safe when they are in there. They should know you are nearby or at least feel you are.
  • If you have kids, do not let them play inside the crate. Not only is it a bad idea for little children to enter doggy crates, but your pet is also watching and will get the impression that the crate is for family use and not specially made for them. They will therefore want to ride up front with the kids when traveling when it will be safer (and often legal) for them inside the crate.
  • Before long crated hours, take your pet for a walk or to the toilet; if they are toilet-trained.
  • Let the crate be open for puppies to use when they are alone or feel unsafe. It will make them learn to like crates as a source of comfort than a cage.
  • You can also put pups in crates to gently punish them for being too nippy; when they tear things or bite family members out of over-excitement. Cute, but not always.

Supervising pets in and around crates, especially pups, is crucial. Stay close and learn what you need to do as an owner to make the best use of doggy crates. However, dogs with separation anxiety or who are overly scared of crates should be kept away from them; don’t torture your companion.

Do not let your pet use the crate as a toilet, they need to be let out before long. The crate is medium-term transport only and in that time, your pet should be able to poo or pee but not assume that the crate is their own personal ‘litter box.’

Maintenance includes cleaning. The best doggy crates are straightforward when it comes to this. Hose them down and use non-toxic chemicals on the mesh and pan to keep the area smelling nice and clean as a fiddle. More maintenance tips are in the FAQ section below.


1. Where do I keep water and food bowls inside the crate?

Place water-absorbent towels under bowls. Use ceramic or stainless steel bowls. Raised feeding platforms are a good idea.

2. What about IDs?

Several municipalities demand ID tags for crates and the pets in them. Crating pets during transport is often mandatory. Get all the ‘paperwork’ in order. Your pet should never be held back in a strange place because you forgot to do your duty.

3. What do I do if the crate breaks?

Keep your pet with you on a leash, no other option. Make sure you let authorities know why the crate is no longer functional to hold your pet.


Doggy crates are amazing products, even tools, for pet owners. Buy the right size, see that your pet likes it, and is not overly miffed by the smell or interior. Take them through crate training to get them familiarised. Carry all needed IDs and paperwork for your traveling pet.

Always, no matter what, keep an eye on them and see if they are doing alright in there. You need to follow certain space-related guidelines to ensure your pet learns to adapt to what you need of them. Do not be overly lenient, especially with pups (they sometimes put up worse tantrums than kids), but at the same time be open to your pet’s stress and comfort levels. Love them but be a little firm when you need to be.

The best doggy crates 2022 come designed to grant you peace of mind when transporting your pet between locations.


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